LactoSens® is an innovative biosensor test kit for fast, easy and precise determination of lactose content in lactose-reduced and lactose-free dairy products. An enzyme is immobilised on a test strip which measures the lactose concentration directly and accurately used with the LactoSens® reader and the LactoSens® software.

LactoSens® is ideally suited for quality control in the production of lactose-free dairy products and is thus perfectly suited for use with optiferm lactases.


LactoSens® 0.02 %

  • determination of residual lactose up to a detection limit of 0.02 %
  • measurement range = 0.02 % to 1.00 %
  • prompt measurement results (< 2 min)
  • accuracy comparable to HPLC
  • uncomplicated handling thanks to simple 1 plus 4 dilution

LactoSens® R

  • measurement range = 0.008 % to 0.20 %
  • accurate and reliable measured values even around the 0.01 % limit value
  • prompt measurement results (< 2 min)
  • accuracy corresponds to HPLC (external certificate from NordVal confirms that the results obtained with LactoSens® R correspond to the reference method HPLC / ISO 2262 IDF 198)
  • uncomplicated handling thanks to simple 1 plus 1 dilution
  • applicable to a wide range of dairy products (e. g. yogurt, sour cream, quark, cream, white coffee, cocoa)
  • fruits, vitamins, sugar, fat or flavourings (e. g. chocolate, vanilla, coffee) do not interfere with the accuracy
  • increased storage stability
  • ideal for use in product release, product development and process optimisation

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