optiferm – the lactase specialists from Bavaria

We have the right lactase for every application thanks to our opti-lactase product range for producing lactose-free dairy products. Our many years of experience enable us to advise you competently and individually on your production process. We can provide you with tailor-made solutions to meet your needs, e. g. different container sizes and a variety of formulations, including sterile filtration depending on the application and processing requirements.

opti-lactase LX2

  • reliable all-rounder for a wide range of applications
  • broad pH and temperature range
  • suitable for all dairy products

opti-lactase VDA

  • sterile filtered lactase: the standard product for producing lactose-free UHT milk by inline dosing
  • optimal flavour without browning, even towards the end of the best-before-date, thanks to maximum purity
  • in the patented VDA packaging for use in the VARI-DOS-ASEPT dosing station from GEA

eco-line lactase

  • bacterial lactase
  • extremely broad pH and temperature range
  • especially fast and effective in the reduction of lactose
  • high performance even at low temperatures
  • maximum end product quality due to highest possible purity (no secondary activities of other enzymes)
  • also available as sterile filtered product (VDA)

opti-lactase green acid line

  • special lactase for the acidic range
  • high activity at low pH values
  • ideal for use in fermented dairy products such as yogurt, quark, sour cream and sour whey
  • offers a variety of possibilities for new product development and production process optimization in the acidic range
  • also available as sterile filtered product (VDA)