Thanks to our large selection and individualisation options, we have the right culture for every product area, ensuring that your cheese will achieve exactly the desired result. We will be happy to advise you on which culture is best for your needs.

Starter cultures

  • freeze-dried and deep-frozen cultures
  • as a direct starter or bulk starter
  • suitable for the entire range of cheeses, from classic and cottage cheese to quark, sour milk cheese and soft cheese to semi-hard cheese, hard cheese and large-hole cheese
  • extensive range of different technologies, correspondingly large selection and combination capability of starter cultures
  • wide selection of cultures and appropriate rotations for producing mozzarella and pasta filata

Our starter cultures used for cheese production are defined microorganisms, which we select according to specific properties and performance characteristics. They guarantee uniform and consistent cheese quality with optimum yield and contribute to production reliability. The high acidification activity of our starter cultures guarantees a safe and constant acidification. The cultures support the formation and stability of flavours due to their pronounced proteolytic activity and good flavour-forming capacity. When selecting the strains for our starter cultures, we attach particular importance to culture mixtures that are as phage-resistant as possible.

Protective cultures

  • against yeasts, moulds, listeria and clostridia
  • for the structural and sensory stability of your products without affecting taste, flavour and texture
  • improved shelf life of the products
  • controlled ripening through natural protection against unwanted flora
  • cultures used in production are not affected